Waterland Real Estate

Waterland Real Estate is a Dutch real estate firm providing investment, asset, property and corporate finance advice for the Dutch residential real estate market. We offer our clients added value through our solid understanding of the market and national network. Our efficient and flexible internal organisation and effective information system allow us to closely monitor any developments that could potentially affect the value of your real estate portfolio. With an active portfolio management and extensive network, we are able to respond rapidly and efficiently to the needs of real estate companies, institutional investors, private equity firms and family businesses. We enjoy longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships with financial institutions, brokers and investors.

Asset management

Waterland Real Estate optimises asset value in residential complexes and we strive to develop high-quality investment portfolios. Waterland Real Estate specialises in the acquisition of real estate portfolios and works with an in-house team of expert tax consultants to arrive at the optimum tax arrangement for all parties involved. Our investors can expect us to build longstanding relationships with tenants, reduce costs, maximise rents and maintain asset values at optimal levels. We advise our clients on strategic issues, including potential acquisitions, financing, development, re-development and value maximisation. Waterland Real Estate delivers commercial, technical and financial management and reporting services.

Property management is the day-to-day running of the property, involving matters such as dealing with minor technical complaints from tenants and collecting rents. Waterland Real Estate outsources property management to carefully selected national experts while maintaining oversight. Property management involves the following:

  • Tenant relationship
  • Rent collection
  • Repairs and renovations
  • Insurance
  • Security, grounds and building cleaning

Fund management means more than providing investors with high-quality reporting and managing expectations: we seek to improve performance for the entire period funds are entrusted to us and offer a full service. Fund management involves the following:

  • Fund level management
  • Investor relationship
  • Fund level accounting and financial control
  • Preparing annual and quarterly reports, investor presentations and marketing materials
  • Keeping accounting and financial records for the properties and preparing tax returns
  • Assisting in the engagement and supervision of accountants, financial and legal advisors, insurers, appraisers, as well as technical, commercial, marketing and other independent experts
  • Advising on risk-management policies
  • Advising and managing litigation proceedings

Investment management

Waterland Real Estate advises on the investment in residential complexes. Our investment advisory services involve the following:

  • Strategic advice: acting as a sparring partner in strategy discussions. Assisting management in identifying the various strategic options and in calculating the financial consequences.
  • Acquisition and dispositions: strategic advice on the full range of transactions, including single asset and portfolio transactions.
  • Valuations: single asset and portfolio valuations, financial modelling and market insights.
  • Deal management: process management and documentation support.
  • Negotiations: providing support on deal tactics, transaction terms and pricing.

Waterland Real Estate advises on and implements capital raisings in the following ways:

  • Assessing the optimal capital structure
  • Preparing investor materials: positioning the company and its investment case and assisting in the drafting of an Investment Memorandum
  • Providing access to various sources of capital, ranging from financial sponsors, institutional investors, family businesses and informal investors
  • Equity capital markets: advising on IPO procedures, share placement, ECM transaction structuring, investor presentations, transaction documentation and underwriter selection
  • Capital (re)structuring, focusing on a financial and strategic analysis of our client's capital structure and developing tailored capital instruments (preference shares, equity-linked debt instruments, subordinated debt instruments, etc.)
  • Strategic advice on financing and refinancing secured, senior or unsecured tranches within a capital structure
  • Providing access to a wide range of lenders including Dutch and international banks, insurance companies and structured lenders
  • Acquisition-driven debt structuring and related financial advice

Project development

Waterland Real Estate advises on the development of residential real estate complexes. We also advise on high-end renovations of residential and retail real estate, doing so in close collaboration with selected specialised contractors and architects. These residences and commercial properties are fully renovated with a meticulous eye to detail and subsequently offered for sale or lease through various accredited NVM real estate agents.

Real estate sales

Waterland Real Estate is always on the lookout for interesting properties for its investors. Are you perhaps considering the sale of your residential, retail or office investments or seeking a reliable partner to take over your real estate portfolio securely? Contact Waterland Real Estate. We will respond without delay. We offer competitive market prices. Maintenance backlogs and/or vacant properties are no objection.